Fitting into my Skin

Still working on my blog skin. Still choosing. Still wondering what looks like, or at best may be a reflection of “me.” Something that isn’t beige or depicts “nobody.” A self portrait of sorts. Not My Self Portrait Or composite. Isn’t that what this strange business of blogging is sometimes all about?

So don’t go away. I’ll figure it out. Billy Collins did in his “Instructions to the Artist”

I wish my head to appear perfectly round

and since the canvas should be of epic dimensions,

please trace the circle with a dinner plate

rather than a button or a dime.

My face should be painted with an ant-like sense of detail;

pretend you are executing a street map

of Rome and that all the citizens

can lift thirty times their own weight.

The result should be a strained

but self-satisfied expression,

as if I am lifting a Volkswagen with one foot.

The body is no great matter;

just draw some straight lines with a pencil and ruler.

I will not be around to hear the voice

of posterity calling me Stickman.

The background I leave up to you

but if there is to be a house,

lines of smoke rising from the chimney

should be mandatory.

Never be ashamed of kindergarten —

it is the alphabet’s only temple.

Also, have several kangaroos grazing

and hopping around in the distance,

an allusion to my world travels.

Some final recommendations:

I should like to appear hatless.

Kindly limit your palette to a single

primary color, any one but red or blue.

Sign the painting on my upper lip

so your name will always be my mustache.

And don’t forget — an entity is the sum of its parts… Check it out and see what you think. You’ll have to read it five or six times before your eyeballs settle back down in their sockets, though. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.





8 responses to “Fitting into my Skin”

  1. This is much better darling. Still small, but better. I’m an old freaking fart that has to wear contacts and reading glasses. I like this much much better. And how come you’re visiting me and not leaving a comment?

  2. Sum of my parts….I should go blow my head off after reading that!

  3. I like your pictures of you…you know the four of you in the color? I love that……..THATS YOU…AND ITS FABULOUS….WHY NOT GO WITH THAT????

  4. I love helping in your makeover. You’re gorgeous!

  5. By the way darling…I really really like how you did things up top! Very cool. I just looked at it one more time…and I love it.

  6. kellypea

    Ev, I am so not done. I have been pissing around with photoshop all day and jpg’s and gif’s and image files, and pixels, and crap like that.

    And I like the Warholled Me also. But I have to cut and paste the image into a panorama instead of a block. Ugh.

    I try very, very hard to leave comments when I “shop.” I absolutely loved looking at your boys. Especially the pictures of one of them stalking the bug or fly or whatever the hell it was.

    And I see the links, thank you very much. I will certainly reciprocate, now that I’ve sort of chosen a skin and have to start rebuilding my other stuff.

    Don’t lose faith in me!

  7. Ritzy

    Hola… Thought I’d say hello. I like the new colors and set up…easy to follow and look at new things. Not sure about the picture at the top, maybe it is the security settings Jake has set up here, but there are 2 boxes blank with a red X on my end. I agree with above commentor… I love the Warhol pictures and it is you and makes me laugh & settle in for a good read.

  8. kellypea

    Thanks, Ritzy. The boxes and red x thing is interesting, so I appreciate you letting me know. I’m working on the Warhol thing. Because the picture is a quad, I have to cut and paste it together and so far haven’t figured it out. I’m learning a lot, though, so I guess that’s a good thing.

    I have to go back to all the things I had in the sidebar and get code and paste it all back in, which is a complete drag since I’m not a pro — YET! Each new skin has a bit of a different layout behind the scenes, so I have to get used to it, copy it before I change it, then change it back if it doesn’t work. *sigh*

    So keep your fingers crossed! The Warholled Me will return.

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