Almost Wordless, but Not Quite?

 See updates below…

I have to work today. All day. Yes. A-L-L. As in all.

There’s no blogging. Warning Well, this doesn’t really count, right?

Because I have a lot to do. Gentle Reminder

Seriously. A. Lot. You know…tons.
I have several iTunes playlists at my disposal…mac Screen so that should help. *Okay, who in hell purchased Chumbawamba?*

But I’m going to wonder about that spider outside — right in front of the door at face level — whom I’ve named Clyde.

Okay. So maybe not? Fat Head

Update #1: Okay, so, like…I lasted until 11:54 (3.5 hours – not too bad, huh?) when a Liz Story piece came up on my iTunes play list and I decided to Google for sheet music — which I’ve never done. And whoa. There’s not only sheet music on line, but I can get it immediately with plastic money. And print it out. And play it. Do you have any idea HOW long it’s been since I purchased music? YEARS. Then I could park my caboose on that ol’ piano bench and actually play. OMG. There are distractions EVERYWHERE. And no, the time in my post above not correct, so don’t even think you can check up on me, Slick.

Update #2:  It’s nearly 4pm and my eyeballs have fallen out and are rolling across the desk.  Edu-speak is pouring out of my fingers and making absolutely no sense…wait.  That sounds normal, doesn’t it?  Have….to….finish…


6 responses to “Almost Wordless, but Not Quite?”

  1. AIR! Yay! I hope you wrote those notes to yourself (or punched the wise-ass who did).

  2. Your notes crack me up.

    Oh, and a little warning for that disgusting, hairy spider would have been appreciated. Shudder.

    Good luck on getting your work done. The siren call of the blogging, she is strong.

  3. This is funny. It’s terrible though. I write proposition papers and only occasionally am called upon to go to lunch with important people, and because those above me are all terminal degree heads of departments at various universities “not in the office” for the next few weeks I am writing from home the next few weeks.
    I made myself a little note, and a wallpaper, as well to tell me that today I couldn’t go online until 1 pm and then only for two hours.
    I got up at 6, ran was back doing all my work by 8. At 12:57 I made my first foray online…I failed by three minutes but I am working on it.
    Maybe “blogger gotta get real work done” group therapy is in order.

  4. ha ha ha…oh Kelly this was hysterical. The Notes and The Distractions are just fabulous.

  5. Earlene

    You a funny gril!!!

  6. Clyde looks very supportive. I think you should move him inside.

    You know.

    Give him the house and be done with it already.

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