I’m lovin’ my foodblog…

Well, hello!

Since all I seem to be getting these days is spam visitors, I hereby decree this the shortest post I’ve ever written and I’m going to drown my sorrows in foodblog land.

Not too many worries there, which is nice for a change.  Not too complicated.  Just pleasant.  Lots of food porn (no, not nekkid people with food spread on them), great recipes, and well, foodies.






5 responses to “I’m lovin’ my foodblog…”

  1. now that is just not at all true… i have been here for every post,… i haven’t had as much time as id like to comment everywhere but i have been here…. i read the lovely post about the RT yesterday and the spiders YUCK>>>> do you have to do that with the pictures!!!!!!! aaaaahhhhhh…. now you just stop it and write like a good girl…….

  2. I think people sometimes just read and pass by, sometimes it’s more enjoyable that way and sometimes live intervenes. I’m on my way to the food blog which is an event which should be remembered but i sear one of these days I am going to learn to cook something.

  3. Sorry — just bit cranky. No, a lot cranky. Yes, sorry about the spider shots, as well. I can’t resist. It does occur to me that some people may cringe, and thanks always for reading. Cooper, I do know that life intervenes. That’s great that there’s a life to intervene. Otherwise our butts will permanently attach themselves to the chair, right?

  4. Ahh *your food blog*..whats not to love?


  5. Thanks MGL…I was going to give you a whistle on this one. Plus, I’ve been experimenting with my crockster recently…’Course, I actually have to post the things I cook. Now that would be novel, wouldn’t it?

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