Feh. Thoughtless Thursday. Whatever.

So much for Thoughtful Thursday.

I didn’t read the paper today. Well, except my horror-scope.

I stayed focused for eight entire hours working.

I did carpool TWICE.

I ate plain low-fat yogurt with animal feed trail mix for breakfast for the fourth day in a row. Mooooooo-wahhhhh.

I paid absolutely no attention to the helicopters still circling over that landslide a few blocks over because I completely OD’d on it yesterday.

I had a nice green apple for a snack. Yum. With salt. Totally.

I got my work done. Seriously done. Within spittin’ distance of the light at the end of the tunnel. Woot!

Now my back hurts like a sonnovab*t*ch, which it never does when I blog. Ever. I have college day knots between my shoulder blades screaming for a massage.

But I’m also signed up for National Blog Posting Month. Are you? Well?

NaBloPoMo Um… Wait. Do you think it’s a problem that I’ll be in Lost Wages, Nevada BAY-BEE the weekend before Thanksgiving? Oh. And uh…I guess I forgot about Thanksgiving, too. Wait. People blog on that weekend?

HEY! Who’s idea was this anyhoo?

But I’m game. Sure. Put me in coach. I’m ready to play.

SHeeeeee…… it.





2 responses to “Feh. Thoughtless Thursday. Whatever.”

  1. That whole back things sounds like a blogging allergy, which can be properly treated with a modest amount of pureed cabbage.

    Most people just put up with the pain.

    Seriously, I sounds like an ergonomic issue. Try adjusting the height of your chair, keyboard, and/or monitor. It can help a lot.

  2. Hi Brent — it doesn’t hurt when I blog. It hurts when I work — i.e., have to write something I don’t want to write. I told my huzbink it was psychosomatic. He agreed. Whattaguy. Mmmm…pureed cabbage. Insert cabbage in phood processor, whirl, remove, and apply to affected area. It would be pretty stinky!

    And I do actually use the pull out tray for my keyboard which sits at waist level and keeps my wrists straight. You’re right, it does help.

    And so did the wine I drank last night.

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