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Not My Self Portrait I guess October 8th is as good a day as any to decree that I’m back in the getting healthy and looking great saddle I fell off of after summer ended. Without a lot of fanfare, I’ve created another page up at the top called Daily Nitty Gritty so I can hold my Rubenesque self accountable for how much I eat, drink, and exercise. For some reason I’m simple-minded enough to comply with the rule that if I eat it or drink it, I write it down. I guess I must believe that I’m my own worst enemy, or that my conscience is anyway.

The way this simple tactic works is that I will avoid doing anything that I’m not ready to fess up about. No, I’m never compelled to cheat. And I’m not messing with goals that are related to pounds lost, either, because the frame of mind I’m in, I’d prefer to consider that I’m working on eating more vegetables, less meat and saturated fat, more fish, more whole grains, drink less wine, drink more water, and combine cardio with weights. Sound reasonable?

I’ve gotten on that damn scale just to note where I’ve begun (yes, back to square one). And I will get on it to track the pounds I do lose once every week on Tuesday like I was before. There has to be some reason to look forward to Tuesday since it’s the sorriest day on the calendar to me and always has been.

So no more procrastination. Just call me Scarlett. Well, maybe not… okay.  Beulah.*Dang, girl. Them are some eyebrows…* No Southern Belle

Okay, so my face doesn’t look quite right on Scarlett’s body since I had to cut off my cheeks and darken the brows, but I sure as hell know a lot more about the Photoshop CS3 present my niece gave me than I did when I started. And Jen at Absolutely Bananas who seems to be able to do the Photoshop cut and paste thing in her sleep gave far better directions than my Photoshop book. Thanks!

So, how’d I do, teach? Well, outside of my face being fatter than Vivien Leigh’s, the photos not quite being the same size (I did try…), and not taking a new photo to cut and paste because I’m butt ugly today on a bad hair day scale of 1-10 with mine being a -3.5.

Let’s see. Does that quite cover all the excuses?





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  1. Will you track the pounds yourself or will you retain the services of a bounty hunter?

    And do you really want to track lost pounds anyway? Why not let them stay lost.

  2. You crack me up. No bounty hunters. I can’t imagine that guy named Dawg or whatever his name is chasing me down and wrestling me for my steak. And now that you mention it, I don’t want to keep track of the pounds, either, since I avoid my scale like the plague. Maybe I’ll hide it in the closet or something.

  3. I’m with Kelly pea ..I stay away from the scale as well…..and there ain’t nobody who is going to wrestle a good steak away from me..I have to admit I use a treadmill three or four times a week though..the exercise is a side benefit…I use it as thinking time…who needs a scale anyway…if you feel good you know it…

  4. loripea

    I know you know this, just ’cause people are skinny doesn’t mean they are healthy. I got the exercise thing down, thanks to having to kill a lot of time while my kid does her gymnastic thing, and I can only drink one glass of wine before getting really sleepy, but I have a horrible diet. I could live on pasta, bread, chips, pop corn, and coffee. I need to get more of the green stuff in my diet and learn how to cook.

  5. Nice work with the Photoshop. Once I was tasked with removing an individual from a photo for a staff shot. This was ions ago, but I remember realizing then what power that app can do. How splendid it would be to be able to Photoshop off my protruding 39 year-old gut. Wouldn’t that be cool? Never mind dieting, just power-up the machine and like virtual liposuction, a nip here, a tuck there and whalah! a whole new me. LOL!

  6. October 8th is the best day (cuz its my birthday)

  7. Robert, I’m thinking my scale is a lyin’ b*t*h anyway. Although I don’t do the treadmill anymore (I walk outside), I don’t think about much — there isn’t anything to sort out any more, so I have to walk where there are great views or strange things to look at. It works.

    Hey Lori, Yes, I do know. And even though I feel like we do eat food that is good for us, it’s pretty difficult to eat 5-6 cups of veggies a day. When it gets right down to it, I probably don’t eat 5-6 cups of any food a day on most days. Talk about feeling like a cow in a pasture…

    Phil, you’re giving me some more ideas about what I can do with Photoshop…It reminds me of those booths in malls where you get your face pasted on a perfect bod. New business?

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, meleah! This is your birthday song, it isn’t very long….Tra-la-la-BOOM-dee-ay, tra-la-la-BOOM-dee ay…

  8. Scarlett looks a little more dangerous now. Subtly dangerous. Kind of like she’s thinking about some newly developed Photoshop skillz, sees possibilities and knows if she’s Not There Yet, she’ll Be There soon enough.

    All things considered it’s a pretty good look. I’m a little bit scared.

    Just a little. Don’t worry, I’ll get over it. I won’t be ready for whatever the future has in store.

  9. RJ — kinda like a Mafia babe, huh? And where are her hands, anyway? She probably got some fungus from having to use the same keyboard as the RT. Ugh. Yes, I’d be afraid, too. But I won’t worry about it either.

  10. AWWW.. i loved my “song”… 🙂 thanks doll!!

  11. I am afraid I really need to get back on track too..having house guest really threw me off…but next week its all go again I think…good luck with your plans too 🙂

  12. meleah, you are welcome…I still need to serenade you on your own blog…but I’m not doing too much visiting right now….work. Still don’t know how you do it. Practice?

    Hi MGL! It’s a bummer to have to get on track, isn’t it? I already went off track yesterday. A few bumps in the road that will be smoothed out soon. Evidently, not sticking to my own claims is the only kind of anarchy I can pull off right now. At least I’m harmless, huh?

  13. you ,,, my dear,, are freakin’ whacked!!!!!

  14. paisley, now how is it that you are just figuring this out? Hmmmm? See what happens when you have too much time on your hands? Er, um, my hands…

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