You know you’re a redneck when…

Redneck Chef Award It’s true. I’ve been slapped by Robert at Miscellaneous Ramblings.with a Redneck Chef of the Week award. *scratches left arm pit* How did he know I have Okie roots? I figger ee calls ’em as he sees ’em since it’s all on account o’ them nut bars I dun up last week. Musta been tha two-and-a-quarter pounds o’ butter. That’s pounds, not cups. Wait a minute. I’m thinkin’ here…

To be truly dee-servin’ o’ tha ‘ward, I woulda put margarine in them thar bars. Or lard, mebbe. Thanks, Robert! Right back at cha, mister!

Ahem. Of course I didn’t eat them all myself. I gifted the hummers to several groups of humans who had no idea the nut-filled caramel and chocolate honeys were headed in their direction. But still.

Since I find making butter bombs so much fun, and can’t see a day in my future that I won’t enjoy baking, then what’s the point of writing down everything I eat and drink? Okay fine, there is a point, but I don’t need to do it here. I decided that the day after I said I was going to do it. One more thing to keep up with when I need to be doing other things. If I could only find that list. So cancel that idea about the Daily Nitty Gritty. Oh, you didn’t know about it? Well, fuhgeddahbowdit anyway. *all two audience members glance knowingly at one another* Fine. I’m weak. Whatever.

I did have plain yogurt with a sliced banana this morning, however. Okay?

Moving right along, I’ve also been graced with another accolade. One that I’m very proud of, but personally feel I’ve been slacking on a bit lately. Because I haven’t been blogging a year yet, I’m not sure if seasonal dips and sways are part of the problem. Or maybe it was THAT PROJECT that is finally done. D.O.N.E. Wah-hooooo! And since it’s been complete, I’ve had the time to think about blogging and working and being a human being in the real world. One who is still adjusting to some fairly heavy changes over the past year. *one man music show puts cymbals down and reaches for violin…*

Community Blogging Award The award? The Community Blogger Award, bestowed upon me by Dawn at Twisted Sister, who also calls it like she sees it, *a woman after my own heart* has made me think hard about how I support the bloggers I visit. It’s made me think about what really constitutes a community in this strange land of the Internet. Of course there are the social networking sites, but that’s not really what I’m talking about. It’s that feeling I get when I visit and comment on a blog, and I see that others I know have been there, too, and I feel comfortable. Or that when I haven’t visited in a while, I feel remiss, and make an effort to do so, sometimes getting my coffee or wine *or plain yogurt…* and hunker down settle in to read several entries to catch up and see what I’ve missed out on. It makes me stop and wonder about the people I know in my non cyber world who don’t get nearly as much attention.

The strangest thing I’ve noticed is that when I peruse the blogs in people’s sidebars choosing one or two to visit, sometimes it doesn’t quite work. Almost like I’ve invited myself to someone else’s dinner party. You know, pull up at the table with my own place setting and everyone at the table turns to stare at me wondering where I came from and why I’m there? I’m sure it’s only my imagination, and I pull up anyway rarely waiting to speak before I’m spoken to. Listening intently to what others have to say, and sometimes not quite knowing how to respond. Trying to decide if I fit in or not. If I should be there.

Like Junior High. Egads! Run. Don’t stop for anything…

But definitely stop and visit the following people, because they, too are ever so faithful, putting up with my nonsense, and making serious headway in adding grace to my day. Thanks for your tolerance, kindness, wit, and *fill in this blank with your favorite descriptor*. It’s greatly appreciated.

The Chick

Wonderland or Not (I know, Cooper. You less than love this business. But I just had to sing your praises. Grab a nut bar while you’re here.)

Thought Sparks

So on this rainy Monday in Paradise *like, totally amazing, but true…* I’m feeling grateful and gearing up to make some changes on both of my tiny pieces of the Bloggoverse. I’ve been busy writing and working and visiting and haven’t paid much attention lately to how things look and work. Which means I’ve been a slacker. I need to get back to learning about the techie side of things, gird my loins and upgrade to WordPress 2.3, install a new theme, and redesign a header. I’ve done my homework, I just keep putting it off. And, I’m also thinking about moving my foodblog to WordPress. Thinking would be the key word here…

I also need to force myself to learn how to use the Adobe CS3 software I have *seriously lucky person, huh?* which looks soooooooooooo hard every time I open anything but Photoshop, I cringe and close it after only 10 or 15 minutes.

But I’d rather figure that out than deal with the Daily Nitty Gritty. I know. I’m still weak.


Nut bar, anyone?





7 responses to “You know you’re a redneck when…”

  1. Thanks for the plug! I’m plugging away tomorrow as it is my 100th post. Don’t forget to stop by!


    You’re welcome! And I enjoyed my “stop” this morning and the distraction provided by the great sites in your links. What a nice way to begin the day.

  2. “Since I find making butter bombs so much fun”

    what the heck is a butter bomb?

    Congrats on the award… I was also given that sporty award, and I love this one. I feel the SAME way as you do about it. The same way.
    They’re the nut bars I made last week. Click on the link and you can see the photos… I do know you feel the same, meleah. It makes it worthwhile, doesn’t it?

  3. VGF

    Hey KellyPea-
    I was looking forward to the list of eats/self-discipline “wins”, as I am always quietly proud of your successes and silently cheer you and your VBF on as you slog ever forward at Dawn’s Crack-How will I get to trudge alongside you in spirit if you don’t post menus and current observations?
    Ah…VGF. I know. And that means quite a bit to me. What about a footnote each day instead of a whole separate page? I’ll figure it out. First, I need a crane to get my posterior out of this chair. Boom-bah-bah.

  4. Ah Ha…an Okie… just as I suspected :)…..darn good redneck country right thar…butter bombs love that name…..I bet they are du rigaaaaarrr in Tulsa…whoo hooo
    Well, my grandmother was, so I am by default, I think. And in the cooking department, it was more about a huge pot of pinto beans cooked with a ham hock (pork bombs), white rice, cole slaw, and biscuits.
    Y. U. M.

  5. Congrats on the award!!! 🙂 Your posts always crack me up!
    It’s always such a nice surprise to see you pop up here. Thanks for the kudos! I need to stop in for a visit…

  6. “If I could only find that list.”

    I think it’s with mine.

    Congratulations on the well-deserved ‘wards, ma’am.
    Well, howdy, and thanks, RJ. Now take good care of my list. Make sure I don’t get it back. I wouldn’t want to have to do anything on it or anything.

  7. yes. it certainly does.

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