I’m in food land today roaming around about 300 or so blogs and examining everyone’s Bostinis. Bostini Layers

It’s a pleasant place to be.

Especially when I don’t feel like thinking about heavier things.

As if anything could actually be heavier than a Bostini.
Remember, photos don’t have calories…





10 responses to “Foodland”

  1. Wish I could think of something pithy to say here, but my mind’s a blank. Wonder if this is how a frog feels right after it’s been pithed.

  2. that looks absolutely scrumptious Kelly !!!!
    looks like you had a great time in Vegas…..that room looks stunning 🙂

  3. Remember, photos don’t have calories…
    They don’t have taste either and that really sucks.

  4. I don’t care who you are that’s good eatin right thar!

  5. I just licked the screen. I wonder how many calories that equals.

  6. RJ, I had no idea that a frog was in the citrus family.

    Thanks, Kim. A different kind of art, right?

    Cooper, I think Emril talks about Smellivision on his nighttime show occasionally. I’d be up for that. It’s still calorieless.

    Hey Robert! Thanks. There’s enough fat in it to qualify for red-neck eats. Just swanky-lookin’ ones.

    Meleah, I hope you get well soon…But in the meantime, I heard that one serving is over 1100 calories…So by default, licking the screen has to be about 150. Doncha think?

  7. Take me with you, that looks amazing.

  8. Hey Brent. I could mail the left overs to you. The MoH didn’t take them to work because he said everyone’s on a diet. What’s wrong with people? They need to snapouttovit. Yanno?

  9. What the heck is that thing? Looks like an oversized donut.

  10. Sauerkraut, it’s officially know as a Bostini…a variation on the Boston Cream Pie. And no, it wasn’t my idea. And it has absolutely no calories or saturated fat.

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