I’m in food land today roaming around about 300 or so blogs and examining everyone’s Bostinis. Bostini Layers

It’s a pleasant place to be.

Especially when I don’t feel like thinking about heavier things.

As if anything could actually be heavier than a Bostini.
Remember, photos don’t have calories…

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  1. RJ, I had no idea that a frog was in the citrus family.

    Thanks, Kim. A different kind of art, right?

    Cooper, I think Emril talks about Smellivision on his nighttime show occasionally. I’d be up for that. It’s still calorieless.

    Hey Robert! Thanks. There’s enough fat in it to qualify for red-neck eats. Just swanky-lookin’ ones.

    Meleah, I hope you get well soon…But in the meantime, I heard that one serving is over 1100 calories…So by default, licking the screen has to be about 150. Doncha think?

  2. Hey Brent. I could mail the left overs to you. The MoH didn’t take them to work because he said everyone’s on a diet. What’s wrong with people? They need to snapouttovit. Yanno?

  3. Sauerkraut, it’s officially know as a Bostini…a variation on the Boston Cream Pie. And no, it wasn’t my idea. And it has absolutely no calories or saturated fat.

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