Ever feel like something is creeping up on you?  Ahhh…it’s Wednesday.

And for me, that means tomorrow is Friday. Thursday is my Friday. I shouldn’t look forward to it the way I do because it inevitably leaves me with the feeling that life is stuck in one of those giant revolving doors that move people in an out of large spaces.

So I remind myself to take a breath, slow my mind down, and appreciate the day.

There’s quite a bit to appreciate.

There isn’t 12 feet of snow on the ground.

I don’t have to scrape ice off my driveway or windshield.

I can wear a single layer to work instead of R-30 insulation.

Everything’s green.

Best Buy finally delivered a new television and the Geek Squad will be here in a couple of days to put it back on the wall.

And American Idol will keep us riveted to the television a few hours a week for a while.

What more could I ask for?

Okay, so it would be great if Hilary and Obama would stop bickering at one another.  And Mitt Romney would take over the hosting of Jeopardy! and give Alex Trebek a rest.

Then, life would be perfect.






12 responses to “Counting.”

  1. I have forgotten the meaning of weekends. But I think that with Jon’s new job we are going to remember what weekends are like (lazy long days?) I wish Hillary and Barack stopped being morons, too. But at the end they are only politicians and that is their job :/

  2. i am so spoiled… i am only working three days,, and i still rejoice when tuesday gets here!!!!!

  3. Hey Ben — good to hear from you! Fairly soon, the weekends will be sucked up by “busy season” around here, too. It lasts for months. I’m glad that you’ll have a reprieve soon. And as far as politicians go, I guess I just keep hoping that one of them will fight the way things have always been. I hear Obama making the attempt, and it’s not putting Hilary in a good light.

    paisley — I totally get it. Doncha just love it? Occasionally, one of my friends will call or email and ask which cup of coffee I’m on and whether I’ve changed out of my jammies. It’s great!

  4. I do believe you have found a job for Mr Romney which the middle class in Massachusetts would approve of.

    My Friday is Saturday, which makes the weekend half the size it used to be. ;(

  5. Glad you agree, Cooper. What is up with him? Actually there used to be a game show host — Wink Martindale? Whichever show he hosted would be better. Alex Trebec would be a better candidate. And I’m sad about your weekend. I totally remember about 25 years of that…U.G.H.

  6. OK…how did you find “My Rack Room”?..I was just starting to transfer stuff over from my main blog to a “test page” because I need to “clean things up” on my main blog…and you left me 2 comments on it! You are Goooood! But how did you find me?

  7. PS: So those are duplicate posts….but you can have the award again. Also any memes you see laying around on the floor! 🙂

  8. Hey Olga! My back office keeps track of my links and yours came up twice. I had to say Hi!

  9. Great post! You about nailed life in the U.S. these days! 🙂 Enjoy your weekend!

  10. Hi Tendrils. Sad, but true, isn’t it? Thanks for stopping by…

  11. Wink Martindale was the bizz-omb!

    You know what game show I used to LOOOOVE? “Joker’s Wild.” I can’t even remember who hosted or really what the point was, I just know that everyone got to pull that giant lever and three giant poker cards popped up. I used to watch it all the time when I was a kid. I think it was on right before or after Wink’s “Tic Tac Dough.”

  12. Hey BeckEye! I remember Joker’s Wild and Tick Tac Dough. Ahh…the days when game shows didn’t make the audience wait 45 seconds before a question was answered while the synchronized lights are flashing and the music is swelling ominously. I can’t stand that crap.

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