Where does the afternoon go?

Okay, okay.


So I know the headers are not quite right with the color of the rest of the page. I’m working on it.

I was never fond of the aqua color that is prevalent in the page and have just tolerated it. Quite the exercise for someone like me. Too bad that exercise doesn’t burn calories. And I’m tired of the font, and the “kellementology” thingy above my header which has to be there. I tell yah.

But I will be messing around with the font and colors, so if you don’t like something, by all means, let it rip. I can’t promise I’ll listen to a single thing you say, but it’s free to comment on my blog, yanno? And for a small fee will offer suggestions about how you might bump up your authoritative voice if your aim is to actually get someone to hear you.

I’d be just fine if I could sit up here all night and figure it out. But there are so may have tos, like cooking dinner, and brushing my teeth, and sleeping, and American Noodle. Speaking of which…

…how did you think the guys did last night? Hmmmm? Any favorites? Anybody you think should be voted off the noodle? Do tell! And will the biker type chickster get voted off this week? I’m thinking yes…

Because that’s a whole lot more interesting than discussing what happened in Ohio yesterday. What is up? Could we please get everyone out there to vote? What is so difficult about it? All you have to do is make a mark. Or poke a button. It’s not really challenging. Just make sure it’s for the right person.


Obama, Obama, Obama…


8 responses to “Where does the afternoon go?”

  1. Yeah, what’s up with this Ohioans? They are always messing things up, remember 2004? Jebuss! Get it right people! Hehehe

    And yes, WE CAN!


  2. Hey Kelly

    Nothing has to be anywhere. If you want some help making something disappear (note the “something”, not a “someone”) or have other questions you know how to reach me.

    Aqua can be hard to read on a bright white.


  3. Oh my buhjeezus. Why did I immediately think that the black/white pic you have of Obama looks like a Mon Chi Chi?


    I am obviously one short hair shy of crazy.

  4. Ritzy

    I was a little shocked with the OH outcome… I thought for sure Hillary wouldn’t be on top there. And now this grand ol’ mitten state of Michigan wants a do-over, along with Florida. Geeszh! If only they had played by the rules the first time! I didn’t know politics had mulligans!
    As for AI… rocker chick & the blondie (Kady) I think will go this week… and for the guys, Lukey-Boy is gone. With the guys – I LOVE the dread lock guy Jason – I think he’s so cute & goofy and genuine and has great eye lashes! and the young David with the cute little husky voice, they are my favorites.
    Hope all is swell in Paradise this week – we had a tease yesterday with sunshine and a high temp of 41 – got us all outside for a while… just be be back inside today with snow and 32 degrees! Where is spring??

  5. I have no idea how to make the AQUA go away either…if you ever figure that out let me know!

    Um Idol, biker-chick with the crazy hair picked a PERFECT song for her to sing, but I think she MIGHT go home tonight? I cant wait to see the results.

  6. heres a lovely little css color chart that will make matching your headers a breeze……

  7. Hey Ben — that’s what I was thinking…Of course, CA didn’t get it right, either. Feh.

    Hi Scott — you are very kind. I’ve been resisting, but mostly because I haven’t taken a long block of time to sit down and mess with it. That would be tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to it. So if I get stuck, I’ll be hollering your name, ‘kay? THANKS!

    Tammy — the mind is a mysterious thing. Maybe it was your get away???? Sounded WAY fun!

    Hey Ritzy — great that you and the boys could get out yesterday to enjoy the “warmth.” And I don’t know about your spring, but it’s been so spring-like here so early, that I’m expecting what usually happens — a chilly March. It didn’t “come in like a lion” so I know it’s not going “out like a lamb!” We usually get the Alaska express about now…

    Meleah — I do know how to change the color and font, but I’m less than thrilled to have to sit and do it because I don’t know enough to do it quickly, and it takes FOREVER (because I have to reference stuff) and then I make mistakes and it screws everything up.

    YO PAISLEY! You are a STUD. I was looking for a place where I could get that info easily. Phil from Thought Sparks did a post a few months back with basic color info that I printed and refer to, but this all in one place stuff is beyond cool! THANKS!

  8. I especially like the new pic!

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