American Idol Short Timers

I’m throwing in my two cents on which people are going to get voted off American Noodle tonight, because I can imagine that you just may want to bump up your thinking about my ability to just know things. I can’t use this remarkable skill for anything that would make a difference, however, such as winning the Lotto, investing my new wealth in highly intelligent ways that would quadruple my winnings nearly over night.

You know.

Like when viral traffic is driven to your site after you show lame photos of celebs in compromising situations, or tell completely hilarious stories about what your little kids say about body parts and that sort of thing. *heart you, mel* Okay, so maybe not quite viral. But still.

Then I could be added to the list of the world’s richest people, causing them to look over at me when we are all lined up for our photoshoot and wonder…“How did she get here?”

You’re not falling for this?


But here are my pix: In the list of “Boys,” 1) Luke (how he has made it this far is beyond me…) because he is the epitome of what Simon loves to call “cabaret” and reminds me of someone who takes the stage in a decent sized Vegas casino in the afternoon before the real action starts. But he is handsome, so if he isn’t booted off tonight, it’s because he keeps getting the hunkster vote. 2) David Hernandez. He sounds great when he’s on key (I know…), but gets lost in the mix. Well, that is until people found out what his day job used to be. That will probably get him votes since it has nothing to do with singing. Or, I’m thinking some members of the audience were really entertained about his bit on having boogers in his nose during his little pre-singing video on Tuesday.

And for my pix on the “Girls,” 1) Kady. I honestly think the only reason she wasn’t voted off last week is because she looked almost exactly like Alaina who could actually sing. 2) Amanda has to be off. I know it’s nice to keep a rocker around, but the person needs to be able to sing and she’s already got the attention she needed to hook up with a band who needs a lead. Plausible? Nah — I’m just making it all up. But it’s funny watching her not smile, like if you’re a rocker chick, it’s against the rules.

Okay, you heard it here. Place your bets at the door on your way out.

And take a second to admire our sunset this evening. I haven’t seen one quite like this in quite a while, thanks to the RTR who knows his mom loves a colorful sky and yelled from downstairs so that I wouldn’t miss it.

Nice kid, huh? IMG_6471.JPG


10 responses to “American Idol Short Timers”

  1. eh Danny left earlier than I suspected, and the blond girl should have gone over Asia, I don’t think she can sing at all. Other than that it was pretty correct, cheekessee or whatever will go next time or the blond girl – the other blond girl, the one kicked off, and Danny will both be working soon on some Fuse or Current type channel…no fear. lol

  2. Dang!!!! That rivals MY sunset photo!!!! 🙂 Bee-yoo-tiful!!!!

  3. I picked ALL FOUR of the losers!!!!! And I have the paper I wrote it on to prove it. I miss those sunsets and other things.

  4. I’m a little bummed about Asia’h!! I really liked her! As for RTR, what a great kid to point out such a beautiful sky to his Mom. It really says something, ya know?

  5. Ritzy

    Ahhh – a beautiful sunset! Love the pink & purple.
    As for AI… I was surprised Asia’h left, I liked her. I was pretty shocked Flamer Boy left – he was fun to watch (even at times a little painful!) but he had a great voice. God Bless Fox and AI for giving us something to do on freezing cold March nights! And thank goodness for Tivo to fast forward through all those dang-gone commericials!

  6. Hey Ritzy — Towards the end, I figured that she’d go — unfortunately. She has a great voice. The blond fixation thing drives me nuts. And I agree with the “giving us something to do” — but ours is more about getting us through busy season without the freezing. Six more weeks to go with that and then we’re free!

    Hey Chefmom — You are right on about the RTR. TOTALLY NICE PERSON. Honestly. He says thanks and your welcome without prompting and has other tricks, too. *grin* I do raise me some nice boys.

    Yay MOM! Don’t forget to blog about it! Bwhahahaha! And get your tags right, girl. Take a photo of that paper. Sell it on e-Bay.

    Olga — your photo is attached to REAL paradise — Hawaii, and not MY paradise which has palm trees people plant here next to things like manzanita which belongs here. So you win. No contest, girl. Er…girlZ.

    Cooper — you got that right. And I agree that they’ll get jobs. I’ve been wondering if Danny is related to Christian on Project Runway. I know. You haven’t stooped to that level of observation yet, but their sense of humor was almost identical. All Danny needed to say was “fierce.”

  7. your boy Norieaga was BOOTED…..hehehehehe (sorry kelly!)

  8. LIKING the new Header…ALOT

  9. Looks like you and I were half right with our predictions. All I care about is that my man candy, Michael Johns, is still there.

  10. By the way, just read your comments…and *I* have considered the similarities between Danny and PR’s Christian. I’ve even created a reality TV show for them. Now I just have to figure out how to pitch it and actually pitch it. But more likely, it will be stolen out from under me by Bravo and I’ll get to stay poor.

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