Almost a bloggoversary

The anniversary of my first year as a bonafide blogger is approaching. You might think, “So what,” at first notice, but there is so much more that I’m mulling over.

My blogroll is one of them. Although it’s changed depending on the mood I’ve been in, or what mattered on a given day, it’s remained remarkably the same since I began a year ago on March 15th.

The Ides of March?

It seems as if it was yesterday. It’s warm enough here now to have a window open a bit, and the evening breeze accentuates it all, amazing me with glimpses of what has past as I breathe in the nearly spring fragrances in the damp air.

Someone may happen on to this and remark that I am just another maudlin individual who should be making better use of her time, and on some days, I might not disagree. But taking the surface level route on my slice of life for a year is not the best value for one’s money, because there is nothing identifiable about me that appears on the surface. Ever.
But it’s free, so party on.

The one thing I seem to have inherited from my grandmother on my father’s side is memory. Yes, I know that it’s a default mechanism for all humans, but that’s not what I’m talking about. Mine is predominantely visual, as are those of most individuals, but mine seems to be somewhat of a steel trap. I see it, it gets logged, and I can pull it up when I want. I’ve figured out at this point in my life, it isn’t a skill that most people have. I’m not sure what it’s good for other than knowing what recipe is in which book, or what the sounds, smells, and sensations I had when a photo was taken. But still.

I’ve come to rely upon my ability to scan through time and life as one might flip virtually through their iPod touch. That’s the closest way I can describe it.

And with my Bloggoversary rapidly approaching, I can say retrospectively that I’ve gained dog years in this endeavor. That would be seven for the price of one. Seven.

How so?

I’ve accumulated 4,689 “items” in my iPhoto library. And that doesn’t count those I’ve deleted because they’re crap. Besides, most of the photos are of food and that is a story in and of itself, so I’ll move on.

As I travel back, I can remember how I decided to write myself into the bloggosphere, where I gathered my inspiration, and how I’ve ended up here. Here. Is it a place? I think it is.

Does it matter? Certainly.

And who am I that I’ve come to want and need to put my words down each day in this fashion? Does it make me like so many others who find themselves in the same predicament?

At times, I don’t know what to make of it. But it matters.

So much.

I do have friends I see and use my voice with. They’re with me geographically and matter to me in much the same way that family does. But the people I’ve met here are important, too.

With my strange memory, I can tell you that the first blogger I met was a mother living in Seattle whom I though was hilarious. Somehow, that led me to Dooce. And along the way, I found a young woman — as they all seem to be — who had suffered a stroke and was regaining her ability to write. She broke my heart and I knew that doing this — writing each day in this particular fashion — would be like nothing I’d ever experienced.

And that has been true.

As I scroll back through my entries, I can remember so many things that may not seem significant to anyone else. But to me, they mark a point in my life. And I can say that little has been hugely significant in the last year from anyone’s perspective other than my own. But that’s because most of what matters to me is seen through a very small lens. When you drastically change the direction you thought your life would take, and simplify everything, the smaller aspects of life begin to appear.

I see them through the lens of a very small camera.

Although I’ve noticed small details all my life, I’ve become more adept at it. It may not be funny. It may not be sensational. No one may care but me. But still it matters and deserves recognition.

So happy almost bloggoversary to kellementology.

I’ll dedicate the next six days of inspiration to those who have helped make this year so rewarding.

Tune in.


14 responses to “Almost a bloggoversary”

  1. we have all “come a long way bay…” in the last year… and i wouldn’t give it up for anything… thank you for being here,, and sharing yourself with us… i know on this end,, your first year has been a pleasure….

  2. Happy almost bloggoversary! I think that the whole point of blogging is keeping a personal (to some extent) record of what happens in the blogger’s life. Remember Dougie Howser? I think he was the very first blogger in history and he always wrote about what was important in his life.

    It is always a pleasure to read you and I hope you continue writing for many years to come ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Kelly,
    It’s been a pleasure sharing the little slices of your life. Hopefully I’ll get the opportunity to pop over your way at some point. Actually, I have a trip to Northern Paradise scheduled for this year at some point, and if I’m driving I’ll be not-too-far from your part of it at least twice on that trip.

    Coffee sound good to you?

    I look forward to the next year’s worth of memories!

  4. Congratulations, Lady!

    Wow, when I started reading you (on Scott’s recommendation) I was under the impression that you were a seasoned blogger with many years of experience under your belt! I had no idea you had only started your blogging journey a mere four months before I began mine…

    Your writing “voice” is so authoritative, I just assumed you’d been at it for a long time. You inspired me to write fearlessly…

    I always enjoy reading your posts! You were the first blog-friend I felt I’d made. I hear more about your day to day life than I do about my face-to-face friends or my family. I also share more on my blog than I do in my face-to-face relationships. (Maybe there’s something to the anonymity of the written word…)

    I’m sure the sense of accomplishment you feel looking back on the fruits of your past year’s labor is awesome. It must give you a unique perspective of your life over the year…what a treasure!

    Thank you for the insights and the sharing of yourself! When I see in my reader that you’ve posted, it’s like a friend has rung my phone! You are a bright spot in my day, Kelly!

  5. Kelly I have fully enjoyed EVERY SINGLE ONE of your posts. I dont remember how I ‘found’ you….but I am certainly glad I did.

    I always laugh, or smile, or learn something. I have been touched, teary eyed, and entertained. You my dear, are one of my FAVORITES in “This Place”.

    Thank you for rocking this blog for ‘almost’ a year.

    Happy Almost Anniversary.


    President Of Your Fan Club.

  6. Congratulations to you Kelly. I’ll have to agree with my lovely wife that I am surprised that it’s only been a year.

    I’m glad that out of all the gin-joints, err.. What I mean is I’m not sure how I got here, but I’m glad that I found the path that led me to this place. It really has been a joy. I’m looking forward to another year.


  7. paisley — stay tuned. Who knows what’s around the corner, right? Yes, It’s been quite the year… (and do you know that every single time I use an elipsis now I think of you?) Now that’s famous.

    Thanks, Ben! You are exactly right — right down to all the things I react to in the world. It’s interesting to go back through it all. Yes, I do remember Doogie Howser. I don’t remember the blogging, though, which is odd. I always remember everything.

    Hey Jerry — THANKS! If you’re out here, coffee would be great! And ditto on next year’s worth of going’s on in your neck of Bloggsville!

  8. Gina, you are so very kind. And with respect to my writing voice, I have been at it for quite a while — just not in cyberform. It certainly does make it all easier, doesn’t it?

    I agree that so much more time is often spent here than with people I could actually see from one day to the next. I think that those who don’t blog, or read blogs understand that aspect of it all. I know I’d be a bit lonely without it at this point, and I don’t know that I’ve ever been lonely, really.

    I am thrilled that I’ve inspired you to be fearless in your writing. You’re very good at it, and I, too enjoy what you have to say. You’ve taken on something I’ve put off — writing well about memories. I think that’s the book I’m supposed to be working on.

    So cheers to you, Gina. I appreciate you greatly!

  9. Yay, meleah! I’ve been doing a bit of research I’ll share in my next post about when you “arrived.” And you are most certainly president of my fan club. w00t!

    Scott, thanks very much! It’s been quite the year. If someone had said that I’d have done this, I wouldn’t have believed any of it! It all makes life so interesting doesn’t it? I’ll look forward to what happens next. NaBloPoMo? Bwaaaaaahahahaha! Cheers to you, and thanks again for all your help!

  10. Aww, I was going to do the “you’ve come a long way, baby” thing – but paisley beat me to it. Never mind, it’s true. And so hard to imagine that it’s been a year already: Congratulations on accelerating from 0 to must-read in such a short time! More power to you, Kellypea – and here’s to the next great blogging year! Your banner says it all… ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Well Dougie didn’t blog, per say, he wrote his diary on his computer and we could see it, so I guess that counts like the very first blog in history, right? LOL

  12. That’s really great Kelly! It seems like everyone started their blogs about 3 or 4 months before mine. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Keep up the great work!

  13. It’s only been a year!? I’ve always felt like your blog flowed with an ease of delivery that only came with many years experience. Apparently you have a natural knack for this. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Congrats Kelly! Mine is quickly approaching 2 years, but it feels like 10. I think time moves differently in the blogosphere.

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