I figured it was time for one of my ADD posts. It should match my brain about now. So much for Wordless Wednesday, right?

Le Blog: The orange is so not staying so hold on to your shorts. But I do like the layout. I just needed to find something that would run. Internet Explorer SUCKS and IE6 is not loving WordPress 2.5 or something. Well, that’s what I’m thinking, so to make sure I completely ignore Abraham Lincoln’s sage advice about not being able to please all the people all of the time, I’ve become a theme switching maniac. It won’t end anytime soon. But doods. Could you PLEASE upgrade your web browsers? It’s so not challenging. Give it a go. Hell. Splurge and download Firefox. It takes a few seconds. Firefox is terrific.

American Noodle: Has anyone figured out that Jason doesn’t WANT to be on the show? He’s over it. It’s a game. David Arche-what-ever his shucky darn name is has turned into a male version of Mariah Carey, whom I less than enjoy listening to. I’ve never quite adapted to that whole up and down the register wailing that goes on in her songs. I do get that I’m beyond ancient, and that I am no authority on anything but what I believe sounds exceptional, but still. He’s got a good voice, but the judges are just pandering to whomever the Tweeners will choose. I’ve lost interest in his voice and his no longer believable “who me?” look of surprise when they sprinkle him with their judge-ness. They just want to be recognized as someone who gets credit for his inevitable famousness. The RTR actually got up to take a shower last night when David A was singing because he just can’t stand the hand waving squealing females in front of the stage any longer. David Cook deserves to win. Period.

Hell’s Kitchen: Are these people for real this year? O. M. G. Do any of them actually know how to cook? I can’t figure out why we actually are spending time watching this disaster. It reminds me of why I don’t like reality shows. But hey, it’s family time. We have to watch something while we’re eating dinner (yes, that late sometimes…). and we can make fun of the nonsense together and the talking doesn’t exactly interfere with the show. Who knows?

Vacation: Finally booked an apartment near the Campo di Fiore for the first four nights of our time in Rome this summer. I’ve got plans for that kitchen. Now, on to the Amalfi coast…I would love to stay in a little pensione…maybe schedule a trip to Capri…so many decisions, but moving along on the plans and starting to get excited. Finally.

Politics: I am so tired of all the crap the talking heads are throwing around about the candidates. It’s beyond annoying and I’d love to market some personalized corks for each of their mouths. Big ones. Wouldn’t that be swell? I’m even more tired of people who don’t take the time to find out what they can about candidates, instead believing what the pundits say. How can anyone at this point in time actually think that the decision we’re going to make next November can be taken that lightly. Aren’t things screwed up enough in the country? Hell. In the world? I’m sooooooo looking forward to paying even more money for gasoline. Aren’t you? Yowza. I’m so cranky about it all, I can’t sit down long enough to articulately write anything specific about it. I’m disgusted. And I don’t want to hear Hilary dropping her ing endings or swilling beer with locals. It’s lame.

Homefront: My mom is settling in here in Paradise. We went on a field trip down to the grocery store yesterday. You know, to show her some places to be familiar with. And while we were there, a rather distinguished elderly man, tall with a nice grey suit, stopped us while we were involved in a brainless discussion on what type of catfood our cats might like, and proceded to tell us four jokes. He was cute. But it was bizarre. Seriously. Then my mother ran into a woman she used to work with years ago and they talked for five minutes or so about life changing decisions like moving and giving away everything. When they were finished, Mom asked me, “Where are we going next?” and a man approaching her from behind leaned over her shoulder and said, “To the liquor store,” and she cracked up because I had just asked her if she wanted some Miller Lite. While in the checkout lane, the checker, someone I see regularly in the store blathered at us the whole time, and then told Mom she was gorgeous and that it was too bad his dad had just remarried. That he and his brother didn’t even like the new wife.

Totally. Hilarious.

Dooce: We used up an ENTIRE morning trying to figure out when you were going to be on the Today Show today. It TOTALLY cut into my blogging time. And when you were finally on, were you thinking you’d like to smack Kathy Lee Gifford as much as I did? What is up with women who “don’t like computers” because they can’t figure out how to use them so blame it on the computer. Huh? And you did want to pull her hair over the comments she made about Leta, right? I did. But Heather, your highlights and cut are looking terrific, girl. Way.

And like I said. ADD.


7 responses to “Unfocusedness”

  1. maybe schedule a trip to Capri…

    I will be sooooooooooo jealous of you get to go there.

    I cant with Hells Kitchen either. But, like you said…its one of the FEW shows on TV that my son (who will soon be 12) will watch WITH ME.

    As fro Dooce, I missed the interview. Damn.

    As for the lay out…me likes

    I am a loyal Firefox user, so no issues over here. I dont know why ANYONE uses IE.

  2. Ritzy

    I was bummed Jason was voted off, but not surprised even though he was my favorite from the start. It sure did seem he was trying not to win. I say David Cook goes all the way.

    And you need a DVR, Girl! I tivoed The Today Show (I do dvery day for my morning news and usually only watch the first hour) and had to fast forward all the way to the end to watch Dooce’s Heather…. and I got my first dose of Hoda & Kathy Lee. Kathy Lee sounded like a complete idiot saying all that about not knowing computers… Hello! It is 2008 for goodness sake! I was hoping there’d be something on Dooce today abiut how foolish the segment was and for Heather to get out all she probably wanted to say but couldn’t.

    As for Politics – I am training the Boys to say OBAMA! O-BAM-AAAA!

  3. I’m so glad your Mom is settling in! AND I’m with you on Hell’s kitchen. They all irritate the piss out of me, and if I were in a kitchen with any of them, I would have chewed them up and spit them out on day one. As for the ADDpost, I have to do one too. So many things happening. HAve a Fantastic Mother’s Day!!!

  4. I don’t see how anyone can use IE of any sort. It hates me. Seriously. It really is a love/hate relationship. I love to hate it. Heh.

    Firefox is the only one for me. Except when it starts being stupid, then I use my Safari until the Fox gets its head of its ass. Know what I’m sayin’? Right.

    Anyway. Yeah, whatever. Lol. Talk about ADD. I think I will go…oh look! Shiny things!

  5. If you will de-activate your plugins, then view in IE6, then re-activate plugins one at a time, viewing IE6 after each re-activation, you should be able to solve the problem. IE 6 sucks, but many readers still use it. Mostly those at work, I think.

  6. Have you tried Safari? It’s good – sometimes better than Firefox.

    You hit American Noodle right on the head.

    Kathy Lee Gifford should have stayed out to pasture. She sounds so inane saying she doesn’t “get” computers. All in all she treated Heather with not an inch of respect.

    Where have you been???

  7. Every time I visit you have changed! Fancy!

    Aside from that, life is funny and interesting for you as usual. Yay!

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