Sometimes you feel like a dork…sometimes you don’t.

This would be one of those times. You know. Where you realize it seems like you were pandering. Not you. Me. I was pandering.

Pandering for attention.

But I wasn’t. And now I feel like it seems as if I was even though I’m one to pay attention to myself, so have never really needed anyone else to, and if that doesn’t convince you I’m a piece of work, nothing will.

I said I was wondering about those things that I was mulling over yesterday when it was grey and chilly out (like about 65 degrees?) and….well, sometimes, that’s enough.

I used to like grey days, so who knew?

I’d not delete my words. There are too many and they count for something. And in the past, when I’ve done that, I’ve regretted it, because part of my life has gone with whatever I’d erased. Even if it was the flowery writing of a teenager, or the wistful thoughts of a young woman.

I’ll never quite remember who I was when I put those words down.

So, no deleting. Just figuring things out, which is something I’m quite familiar with.

Like my new camera. I’m trying to figure that out and I’m thinking I need an adult beverage right now, because the software’s loaded, and well, it’s yet another new thing.

I swear. Just another thing to be thankful for. That my brain works. It’s kind of nice on most days.



6 responses to “Sometimes you feel like a dork…sometimes you don’t.”

  1. I love new cameras…AND adult beverages.

  2. Ritzy

    And it takes a strong lady to self proclaim dork status. We ALL have Dorky Days. Enjoy that adult beverage, the recipe of the day, and Paradise.

    The sun will come out … tomorrow… although, the start of “June Gloom” is starting soon, right?

  3. meleah, you are the CAMERA QUEEN dear. I love your photos!

    Hey Ritzy — for sure. And our weather? Well. After being 85 near the beach last week, on the menu for the next couple of days is seriously socked in grey grouchy looking clouds, and wait for it…..Lightning starting tonight and lasting into the weekend. Can you believe it?

  4. I like it when my brain works… most of the time anyway 😉
    Otherwise I just go for that adult beverage 🙂

  5. I for one wouldn’t be here if you were not “a piece of work”.

    What wold be the point.

  6. from one “piece of work” to another I can’t wait til it is adult beverage time every afternoon.

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