I know the rest of the world seems to believe that Memorial Day is the kick off for summer, but somehow, the whole idea of that particular holiday kicking off anything has never quite sat right with me.

Call me a party poopah, but there’s something way wrong about all those furniture sales, and car sales, and well, just any sale to get people up and out to slap them back into a consumer spending stupor.  On Memorial Day?  Okay, so the sales do help with all the purchasing that goes on for school promotions, and graduations, and weddings, you know, in case someone needs a futon or something.  OMG, Dubyah!  What in hell would we have done without your economic stimulus check?

It’s all nonsense, because today is our favorite day of the year.  Party, anyone?


The Summer Solstice is officially at 7:59 EDT.

And it is the perfect time to celebrate the beginning of summer and all that comes with it.  Things like heat, and humidity, stinking trash cans, more flies, and pets that scratch endlessly for fleas evening parties, warm ocean swims, and lazy afternoons in the shade with a good book.  Okay, so the ocean isn’t exactly ever warm here, unless you consider the not quite 62 degrees F that it is today, warm.

palms in a blue sky

For years, we’ve looked to this day to make our way to a hill or a shore, gawk at the horizon, sip a beverage, and enjoy the sky show.  Well, if there is one.  You have to be a freaking optimist to want to engage in this ancient pagan ritual around here because there’s always a chance that we’ll be socked in and any possibility of seeing anything blue in the sky is slim to none with slim on a fast train out of town.

But optimists we are.

And when I look at that horizon tonight, clouds or no clouds, I know that I will be thinking more about what lies ahead instead of what has passed.  I know that I will wonder about it with anticipation, and not dread, or fear.  I know that I will feel opportunity and possibility, because that’s who I am. I will also feel good fortune because my home’s not flooded. Or my sons in Iraq. Or my family unhealthy.

Somehow, this day has always felt like the real beginning of a new year.  Not  January 1st.

With all this sun gonna come up tomorrowness in me, I often wonder how I missed out on getting a bit of perkiness from whomever was passing it out when I was put on this planet, because perky I am definitely not, nor will I ever be.

under a palm

So cheers to you on this longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.  Turn your eyes to the sky,  grab some palm fronds, light a bon fire, and watch the sun come up over your horizon.  Maybe do a little dance.

Or do it our way, and watch the sun set tonight instead.

Think about possibilities and tomorrows.

Take action and participate in Candle Night and “take it slow.”

magnolia blossom

This is my first entry for Sky Watch, an idea started by Tom Wigley of Wiggers World. I spend so much time looking at the sky, I knew it was the place for me to be. Take some time and look at all the photographs the skywatchers collect each week.

In fact, join in.


14 responses to “Solsticeness”

  1. Tammy

    I really like th sky shots and the other photos are really pretty too!

  2. Those are beautiful shots! Thanks for sharing! My very “first” entry is up as well. Hope to see you there!

    Nita’s Random Thoughts
    Nita’s Corner
    Thomas Web Links
    Thomas Travel Tales
    Great Finds and Deals
    Bohol Paradise

  3. Welcome to Sky Watch! Your photos (and narrative) are lovely.

  4. I really like the fine clouds above the palm tree!
    You take good photos.

  5. Hi Kellypea,

    Welcome to SkyWatch.

    Thank you for the comment on my SWF post. I hope you have a great sunset tonight as well. If not tonight, maybe tomorrow, or the next… After all, they happen every day. Good Luck.

    That light cyan sky is a nice contrast for the bougainvilla. I haven’t seen a palm tree in years–thanks for the remembrance.

  6. beautiful contrast, and texture sky unencumbered by a a crisp clear mind!

  7. I really like the shot looking up toward the palm tree.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  8. Welcome to SWF Kelly! It is fun and I know you’ll contribute beautiful shots because you’ve already begun!

    Great photos, girl!

  9. Happy Solstice to you!

    We (my kids and I) decided to forego a party in the park, as it was still 100 degrees outside, and stay in our cool house (82!!) until it was very late. Then we went outside, hung out in the hammock, and gave our Blessings :). I will go look at Sky Watch now, seem s like a place for me too…..

  10. Great contribution to Sky Watch Friday. Your tropical peeks of the sky are delightful.

  11. Ritzy

    Lovely shots with the new clicker!

    Our sky would have been insteresting today with about an inch of hail that fell in about 5 minutes this afternoon…. then became a beautiful afternoon.

  12. Well than! Happy Summer Solstice to YOU!

  13. ps: this cracked me up:

    “OMG, Dubyah! What in hell would we have done without your economic stimulus check?”

    You are so damn funny

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