Kickstarting a new routine

Mid-week taking stock of things reveals I’m here and for the third day in a row, writing.  And clearly, writing here means I’m not writing my book, but it’s not going anywhere.  It will be much better waiting for me to establish a routine — even a glimmer of one before I sit down to finish it.

It goes like this:  wake, coffee, check in only briefly with the world — just a peek.  Write, review, go for a walk, clean toilets and other housely things, then revise.  Food is involved at some point because unfortunately it has to be but I’d like if it just went away.

It’s a time consuming creative drain for me always vying for my attention.  For example right now on the kitchen counter downstairs, there is chicken waiting for the slow cooker and tonight’s dinner.  Curried chicken.  I imagine how fabulous it will smell as it cooks, pungent aroma making its way upstairs, buoyed by the breeze coming in from the patio doors.  I love curried chicken.

There is also broccoli for a casserole I thought I would make and freeze.  I never do that, but I think it would help me stay with my routine.  And there are pluots and plums destined for a tart which we don’t need, but they were so pretty sitting there and I had to buy them.  They’ll be beautiful in a still life shot as well, guaranteeing at least a few hours of blissful distraction from everything — especially a routine.

There are zucchini and Italian sausage — one to stuff and the other to stuff with.  Tomatoes and asparagus, mushrooms…it’s all there waiting for someone to do something with it.

That would be me.

So Wednesdays should be wordless as that unknown blogger once long ago decreed allowing life to be taken care of at least one day a week.  It will allow me to share some of my photography while I am busy in the kitchen preparing food that will get us by for a few days while I write.

On Monday, I begin again.  I finish what I began last November.  I think I’m ready.

Here’s to Not So Wordless Wednesdays!

<alt img="Lilac"/>

Photo:  Taken in the tiny Bavarian village of Rottenbuch on the way to Fussen, Germany,  June 2013



One response to “Kickstarting a new routine”

  1. gorgeous photo, Kelly.

    Also – I’m happy you’re getting yourself into a new routine. And quite frankly, I’d love some of that curried chicken!

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