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  • Fridays and What Ifs

    I missed yesterday’s writing, but it should count that I spent a good amount of time discussing writing with a friend — someone who is also working on his first novel.  And the entire experience left me remembering how much I used to profess that thinking is the most important aspect of writing.  Of course, […]

  • DIY: Travel Planning

    In less than a week, we will be on a non-stop flight to London, then take a short flight to Paris. Yes, Paris. I’ve been many places before — many —  but think I’ve been saving France in general for when my husband and I could go alone.  We’ve enjoyed trips to England and Wales […]

  • Planning for Paris

    Planning for Paris

      February is nearly half gone and I’m just now feeling as if there’s a new year ahead of me and things to plan for.  The holidays have long passed, the remnants of that nasty bout with bronchitis are finally gone, the Super Bowl — which always seems to allow some sort of hanging on […]

  • Four Days and Counting…

    Four Days and Counting…

      …until NaNoWriMo begins and although I feel my planning is not only coming along nicely, it’s fun.  That’s always a good sign, isn’t it? I have a loose schedule figured out for myself: Rise early (okay, so earlier than waiting until the MoH backs out of the driveway) at 7:00 Coffee and yogurt while […]

  • Getting Organized for NaNoWriMo

    Getting Organized for NaNoWriMo

    In the last few days that I’ve been adjusting to participating in NaNoWriMo, I’ve been planning.  Thinking and planning.  Thinking, and reading, listening, remembering, and planning.  What I’ve not been doing is planning a plot for my novel. Wait. My. Novel.

  • Green Grass on the Other Side of Road Trips

      The solstice is still two days away, yet it seems summer has been in full swing for weeks in spite of skies so thick with the seasonal grey we’re accustomed to it’s been misty from time to time.  We began celebrating college graduations and finished doctoral work mid-May, then educator friends’ wistful counting of […]