Tag: Procrastination

  • Achy Breaky Creaky Self

    I’m alive and well after making much ado over my stint at the keyboard yesterday. But barely. I can honestly say that if I had been writing fiction, then I may have ended the day on a higher note, without the headache and stiff neck. Without barely being able to straighten myself and walk into […]

  • Almost Wordless, but Not Quite?

     See updates below… I have to work today. All day. Yes. A-L-L. As in all. There’s no blogging. Well, this doesn’t really count, right? Because I have a lot to do. Seriously. A. Lot. You know…tons. I have several iTunes playlists at my disposal… so that should help. *Okay, who in hell purchased Chumbawamba?* But […]

  • Spider Webs and Windy Day Distractions

    The wind has been blowing for a couple of days now. It’s not the dry wind of the Santa Anas we’re accustomed to. Instead, it’s a soft push of coolness that takes the sting out of the intense sunlight that will persist well into October providing welcome relief from the humidity we’ve had. I know […]