Edsels, Nexters, and Whining Reporters

I know this constitutes the second politically based commentary I’ve made in a single day, but in the spirit of ranting about “the other side,” I thought, what the hell.

So finally Fred Thompson has officially declared his candidacy for the Presidency. And although that isn’t a surprise, it is a bit humorous that he chose to sit out the debate the other Republican wannabees were elbowing their way to in New Hampshire at about the same time, in what New York Times writer Susan Saluny described as “[providing] himself a pleasant, risk-free forum, safe from potential negativity and tough questioning from reporters, a debate moderator or the public.” Oh, yes, that would be terrifying, wouldn’t it.

Uh…are we whining here that someone isn’t playing by the rules? I think it’s pretty funny. Thompson did it because he could. Period. And why not? I’d want to separate myself from that pack as well. I’ve tried to watch them in previous forums, and I just can’t handle it. They’re all so…insignificant. Unimpressive? Typical. Well, except Romney who looks like he should be doing toothpaste commercials. Or selling Grecian Formula for Men.

The Thompson announcement that ran in our local paper from the Associated Press and The Washington Post included reactions from “some New Hampshire Republicans” who “expressed disappointment, even sounding a bit hurt, that the former U.S. senator from Tennessee didn’t show up.” Being empathetic to the obvious plight those republicans are struggling with (knotted panties), I’m will attempt to put myself in their collective shoes. Somehow it comes out similar to the feeling I imagine one may have if, after being given pre-season football tickets, he arrives at the game to discover that a newly signed and much touted free agent won’t be playing. It doesn’t mean you can’t pick up a newspaper, log on to the Internet, or watch television to find out what will be happening as time goes on.

The fact that the article continues, stating that “curiosity is giving way to skepticism and maybe even cynicism about [Thompson] in part because of how he’s handling his grand entrance” is what bothers me. Cullen, the New Hampshire GOP Chairman has a bit o’ the sour grapes as well, and reminds me of someone who’s reacting to being snubbed by a desirable invited to an afternoon tea. Get over it.

I understand that New Hampshire has this bizarre arrogance about their primary and being “first” for eighteen gazillion years, but how many people live there and vote? More importantly, how many of them are people who watch Jay Leno, are inclined to look up a web site to gather information, and then join forums to discuss what they’re learning?

In case you’ve been wondering whether this means I’m happy that Fred’s hat has been thrown in the ring, think again. I’m more interested at this point in watching the goings on while I sit back and gather my thoughts.

And I’m fascinated by George F. Will’s piece on Ford’s ’57 Titanic that ran today and the connections I made between what he had to say about an ugly old car and Americans:

Americans are more discerning and less herdable than their cultured despisers suppose, so what matters most is simple. Good products.

Are there any out there? It’s going to be tough to weed through the sludge encased in this spin or that, but I’m gearing up for the challenge. Funny thing, though. There is a whole group of individuals who will just make their decision without getting too worked up about any of it.

PBS’ Judy Woodruff dubbed them “The Nexters” in their broadcast “Generation Next 2.0.” The program documents Nexters’, or “young people between the ages of 16 and 25” “views on life, the future of the country, social activities, technology, and other topics, comparing and contrasting them with previous generations.”

The conclusion drawn was intriguing: that they are somewhat more conservative than their parents.

It’s interesting to see how the younger set’s inclinations with respect to the election are being tracked…Very.

I think I’ll stay tuned. Edsel, anyone?





10 responses to “Edsels, Nexters, and Whining Reporters”

  1. Ritzy

    Now now Ms Kelly – I am a full fledged, born and raised New Hampshire Gal from a small mountain valley town called Freedom. (Yes, Freedom.) In defense of the great state of NH, there are many open-minded, educated, late-night-show watching, internet surfing & blogging, political and free thinking people who live there.

    Yes, there is that air of pigheadness and stuffiness (okay arrogance) about being the first primary for elections. We are not all backwoods folk with big pick up trucks with shot guns hung along the back window; or hicks with straw hanging out of our mouths and no front teeth; or hillbillies with an accent that can leave you scratching your head for an interpreter.

    Yes, there are people such as I have described, but there are also very educated folk. I know you did not mean any disrespect to that great New England state (that you seriously must visit at some point…) I just wanted to speak up for NH. I could pass your blog post on to several NH folk who would probably have more to say on the subject than I could… now, that would be a treat – ever hear a real New Hampshirite get all fired up about something? Know how many “wicked”s would come out of their mouth?! Must be something in their water or the granite of the mountains!

  2. Yay, Ritzy! I LOVE IT! I knew you’d stand up and have something to say. Woot! I hadn’t thought of the “pick up trucks with shot guns hung along the back window.” Hell, that sounds like East County Paradise to me!

    But the “we’re first” and “so goes the Nation” issue has always bugged me. It reminds me of the lunch line at school like it’s a legitimate claim to fame. I think everyone should have exactly the same date for the primary. Then it wouldn’t matter anymore. (Okay, bring it on everyone…)

    And NH can handle the flack. You don’t get to stand first in line, brag about it, then expect everyone else to tolerate it. Besides, when you’re from California, everyone thinks you’re crazy, and I suck it up regularly.

    And you know I’d LOVE to visit NH. Are you kidding? And what’s up with the “wicked” thing?

  3. NoYouMayNot

    Ritzy is my sister-in law and knows (knew) what she is (was) talking about. Cow-Hampshire voters know (knew) their stuff and take (took) these elections seriously. The recent trend, however, is to flee the Socialist Gay Marriage Commonwealth of Taxxachusetts and head here to NH. Over the past 6 or 7 years this state has become over-run with, leftist, marxist pigs who have fled from the perfect place for them (apart from Sweden, Canada and California…and perhaps Cuba). They flee to our traditional, beautiful Live Free or Die State and then demand the same welfare and services that ruin and continues to strangle Massachusetts. But I digress…
    The bottom line is NH has had a long track record of picking the new presidents correctly which is how they earned their braqgging rights. Those days are sadly over and we are now subject to the same knee-jerk, yellow dog democrat crap that every other place near any large urban center is subjet to. NH has no income tax, no sales tax, a part time legislature and is among the lowest cost places in the country to live. These things which make us great will soon be gone. Traditions cast by the wayside to make way for a big fat democrat government, open boarders, entitlements, welfare, fat pensions, gay marriage, free tuition for illegal aliens, decriminalization of drugs and free health care for all.
    Now go vote for Hillary.

  4. Welcome, Ritzy’s B-I-L… Uh, can I sign you up to do guest spots here?

    “Cow-Hampshire?” Hilarious. It’s a whole new education for me. And I love the “Taxxachusettes” label as well. California business should have grabbed that one a long time ago, but they’ve all gone now, looking for the land of lower tax. And as far as the demand for “welfare and services that continue to strangle…” Uh, I think CA has NH beat on that one considering the rather neglectful neighbor to the south. But hey! I’m thinking that you aren’t alone. Oregon feels the same way about people who have relocated there from the Golden state. It seems those relocating are completely sick and tired of all the others who have run from their states looking for something — anything better and hunker down. People seem to love living in CA and then tooting that they’re from “somewhere else.” I’m from somewhere else, but you won’t find be bragging about being a zonie. But if you keep talking up NH, I might just stake my claim. Are there palm trees?

    As far as voting for Hilary is concerned, perhaps you missed the preceding post. I could, however, attempt to spearhead a rally to allow Dubyah to go another round… Any takers?

    No? Gee willikers, I can’t imagine why not.
    501 days left to go.

  5. NoYouMayNot

    By “Dubyah”, I’m sure you mean Dubyah Jefferson Clinton and not the other guy who is currently presiding over one of the most prosperous economic times on our nations history? (Highest home-ownership, no inflation to speak of, low tax rates, highest tax collection ever, record DOW heights etc..). Aren’t you better off now than in 2000 or are things worse for you and looking to get better?

  6. Funny you should ask. Actually, I’m referring to the one with the large ears. No, not Ronald Dub-Yah Reagan. I liked him. In fact, I liked Dub-Yah H. Dub-Yah Bush as well. I don’t vote on one side or the other. I vote for the person I believe will do the best job.

    Am I better off? Yes. I quit a job that was sucking the life out of me cutting my family income by half. Life is much better, thank you very much. Should I send a thank-you card to the Beltway with a pair of big pink lips on the envelope?

    Hmmm…you’ve given me pause. Now that I think of it, each year of my life has been sequentially better since I graduated from high school a few decades ago. Ford, Reagan, Carter, Bush, Clinton, Bush… Crap. And I thought my prosperity was due to my persistence, drive, unflappable quest for understanding, a relentless need to learn — oh, and a mean streak of pathological optimism a mile wide.

    Had I known all I had to do was sit on my ample posterior and rake in the effects of this “most prosperous economic times [in] our nation’s history,” I could have saved myself an endless steam of knotted panties. Oops. I’ve just given away that I’m anything but unflappable.

  7. NoYouMayNot

    Ford? Interesting glimpse into your genre. I guess I was better off under Ford than anyone…round the clock breast feedings,crapping wherever/whenever, balmex smeared on my goodies, nose wipes and napping all damn day. I feel now like my life has gone downhill since the good old Ford Administration. Although under Reagan I did get to touch my first “for real” boob. That wasn’t so bad.

  8. Glimpse, indeed. Not too long after that, I was doing the breast-feeding, crap wiping, goodie smearing, and nose wiping. I haven’t, however, ever had the pleasure of hearing from either of my older sons whose administration their first “for real” boob touch coincided with.

  9. NoYouMayNot

    Ritzy is correct. I should learn to trust the judgement of my sister-in law. You are a what one might refer to as a “hot ticket”.

    PS: Your sons will never share with you those magical moments. Just please remember to knock before you enter if they’re over the age of 12…for everyone’s sake.

  10. Having been born in Vermont – which is next to New Hampshire, ( I unlike most in this country according to mizz North Carolina do have a map) but decidedly different in it political idealogical make-up I can’t say much because I was so young but have relative scattered all over New England. The only thing I know is Wild Cat is a nice place to snowboard.

    Fred Thompson, you mean the man who drives his limo to the Red Truck and the red truck to the political rallythen drives the red truck back to the limo to fly to the airport?


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