Category: Health

  • My Particular Brand of Menopause.

    I’m a bit under the weather today with what seems to be a fairly nasty head cold compounded by a lack of sleep caused by the cold.  It’s a two-fold cold:  that of being sick, and that which is caused by our window which has to be open lest one of us sweat to death […]

  • Is it Christmas yet?

    As I think of the weeks that lie ahead, many things cross my mind.  Yes, Christmas is upon us again, but it hasn’t quite descended upon our home life yet. I know it will in a week or so, and have spent much of today feeling the beginnings of worry I’ve grown accustomed to over […]

  • I should make a list.

    It’s official.  I’ve finally gotten to the point in my life sans former profession where I feel like I need an additional six hours a day added to my clock.  I’m happy to say that in contrast to my former need for six hours extra *delete rant that was to have been inserted here…*, I’m […]

  • Alive, Exercising, and So Not on Main Street

    Well, hello.  Remember me?  I’m the one who used to write here quite regularly.  I’m never quite sure how it gets to be Tuesday after it seems that Thursday was just yesterday, but that’s how it goes. I think I’ve figured out that if I had a way to hang on to my thoughts while […]

  • You, too can enjoy life past 30

    Today is my birthday.  And as much as I can say that many women my age choose not to admit their age, I’m proud of mine. I’m 52 years old.  Not 52 years young, or 52 years better.  It doesn’t need to be made into something other than what it is. Fifty-two. The year I […]

  • Effin’ Tuesday’s Poetic Crapulence

    The Unrelenting Scale so much depends upon   the callous silver scale   lying about my virtues   every effing Tuesday. Everyone…It’s… weigh-in day! And since you’ve all been so pleasant about my hysterical rantings each week, I’ve decided to recognize that another week has bitten the dust and celebrate National Poetry Month all at once! […]