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  • Information you can live without.

    How are you doing out there in Bloggsville? Are you getting as slow a start to 2008 as I? No? Great. So how about sending me some of your energy since I have absolutely NONE. Jeez. I could actually take a nap and I never have done that sort of thing. I’ve never been able […]

  • My Soundtrack of What Matters. And Yours?

    Oh look everyone.  Another Saturday.  I continue to be amazed that the days on the calendar just whip by with such complete disregard for the fact that I’m on the back side of a half century and it’d be nice if things could slow down a bit.  Not permanently, of course.  But long enough to […]

  • Ahhh…moisture.

    Yes, another Nearly Wordless Wednesday has arrived. Where does time go? I can tell you it seriously left while I was “working” yesterday because I achieved very little and have now successfully blamed it on Bach and Brahms who were more for meditating and gardening, not grind-stoning. They contributed to my delinquency. Not today. It’s […]

  • You, too, can own brown hair.

    You, too, can own brown hair.

    I’ve never been able to understand people’s fears about their hair. Truly. In some cases, it seems the individual believes she is her hair — that without it, she wouldn’t be the same person. That she wouldn’t look attractive, or worse, that others wouldn’t find her so. In particular, their husbands. It’s interesting. And to […]

  • Glucosamine, Progesterone & Bubble Baths

    Somehow, I never made it to Target yesterday. By the time I decided to leave the house, it was after 12. I shook my head at the traitorous clock chiding myself over my lack efficiency. I used to be so organized. Well, maybe I just thought that of myself, languishing in years of self-indulgent praise. […]

  • Almost Wordless, but Not Quite?

     See updates below… I have to work today. All day. Yes. A-L-L. As in all. There’s no blogging. Well, this doesn’t really count, right? Because I have a lot to do. Seriously. A. Lot. You know…tons. I have several iTunes playlists at my disposal… so that should help. *Okay, who in hell purchased Chumbawamba?* But […]