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  • Politics & Paradise: What’s your vote?

    *If you want to make a comment, please click on the title of the post…sorry. Don’t know why the comment button at the bottom of the post isn’t functional. I’ll get around to figuring it out after I’m done complaining.* I’ve been biting my tongue about politics and the various campaigns for the presidency. It […]

  • What to do on a Friday. Or not.

    Since I officially have a J.O.B. now, I get to brag that I get Fridays off. And since I only work four hours a day the other four weekdays, clearly I’m not taxed here. Actually, I knew that it would be just enough time to throw off my blogging responsibilities. So thanks for your patience […]

  • Teddy Bears and Food Chains

    Could someone out there tell me what is wrong with people who have their heads so wrapped up in their religious identities that they can’t behave in a civilized fashion?  It would certainly help me at least begin to try to understand them. Or pretend to try and understand them.  Okay, so maybe not. I’m […]

  • Dear Whomever is in charge of Coastline spying…

    Nine days and counting on NaBloPoMo…Yay! It’s Friday. The downside is that the weekend is when I have a tendency to drop a posting day. But not this month! I’m on it, pecking away, and fighting with my date stamp which is completely driving me nuts… November 9, 2007 Mike McConnell Director of National Intelligence […]

  • Douse ’em all!

    Douse ’em all!

      Ah, moisture in the atmosphere. Nothing like a thick blanket of fog to dampen things and cool a few tempers. A bucket of cold water would most likely work better for some. So here’s my list of recipients of the “Bucket of Cold Water in the Face” award for a flagrant display of ego […]

  • Wow.

    So what would you take if someone told you you had to leave your home immediately? I can’t imagine. Here’s what’s been happening a few blocks from our house this morning. Within an hour, this landslide went from a few large cracks in the asphalt to what is now a 15 foot depression. How frightening… […]