Category: So Not Wordless Wednesday

  • Kickstarting a new routine

    Mid-week taking stock of things reveals I’m here and for the third day in a row, writing.  And clearly, writing here means I’m not writing my book, but it’s not going anywhere.  It will be much better waiting for me to establish a routine — even a glimmer of one before I sit down to […]

  • To write, or not to write…

    To write, or not to write…

    I’ve learned that where I write has just as much to do with whether I write than anything else.  Where as in sitting in front of my Mac instead of outside on my tree shaded patio complete with morning cup of coffee, a pen with the just right feel, and my turquoise Moleskin (which is […]

  • Waste of a morning in 20 easy steps

    Just a dose of my “business” life so far this morning — a not quite wordless Wednesday. An ad agency responded to my recent inquiry regarding use of their ads.  They’ve approved me, but I’ve been delaying taking next steps because it involves sitting at the Erstwhile Resident Teen’s dusty computer, signing in to my […]

  • Getting the mail

    I realize with a start that it’s been a while since I’ve been out to get the mail.  A while as in days.  Remnants of past mail piles have been disbursed from their less than attractive spot on the dining room table to the trash and a basket that seems to accumulate that sort of […]

  • Dawdling

    It’s Wednesday.  Remember Wordless Wednesdays? Once upon a time, while many others were busy posting an image or a cartoon to take a bit of a blogging break midweek, I was busy finding excuses about why I wasn’t wordless and thinking how could anyone ever be wordless? I made jokes about my seemingly endless stream […]

  • Wednesdays and Looking Forward

    It’s Wednesday and I’m nearly wordless.  Nearly wordless for someone like me is about as quiet as I get.  I’m tired.  It’s odd that with acceptance, energy is devoted nearly 100 % to doing what one has to do.  Evenings are when I look forward to sinking into my couch and watching inane shows on […]