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  • Dear Assurance Plus:  Gee, Thanks.

    Dear Assurance Plus: Gee, Thanks.

    Today is the first day of NaBloPoMo. That means I will be posting every day this month. Um…that isn’t too unusual for me, is it? So why did I join? Why not? Regardless, here we are and I’m ready to go, which must mean I’m a NaBloPoMo-Ho. Or something. Each day this month, I’ll post […]

  • Feh. Thoughtless Thursday. Whatever.

    So much for Thoughtful Thursday. I didn’t read the paper today. Well, except my horror-scope. I stayed focused for eight entire hours working. I did carpool TWICE. I ate plain low-fat yogurt with animal feed trail mix for breakfast for the fourth day in a row. Mooooooo-wahhhhh. I paid absolutely no attention to the helicopters […]

  • Ahhh…moisture.

    Yes, another Nearly Wordless Wednesday has arrived. Where does time go? I can tell you it seriously left while I was “working” yesterday because I achieved very little and have now successfully blamed it on Bach and Brahms who were more for meditating and gardening, not grind-stoning. They contributed to my delinquency. Not today. It’s […]

  • Work, Beethoven, and Bad Drivers

    I have a treat for you, but before I get to that, thanks to those of you who took the time to offer your suggestions about staying focused yesterday. I didn’t have a list as some of you mentioned, and which I’ve used in the past when work had me by the short hairs, but […]

  • Begging for tips on how to stay focused…

    There are things I’d like to write about today, but can’t… 1.) Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at Columbia: Wow. 2.) Ruben Navarette of the San Diego Union-Tribune & Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune on the Jena 6: Interesting subtle differences of opinion — or are they? 3.) Bush’s comment on Hilary having the Democratic nomination wrapped […]

  • Almost Wordless, but Not Quite?

     See updates below… I have to work today. All day. Yes. A-L-L. As in all. There’s no blogging. Well, this doesn’t really count, right? Because I have a lot to do. Seriously. A. Lot. You know…tons. I have several iTunes playlists at my disposal… so that should help. *Okay, who in hell purchased Chumbawamba?* But […]