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In My Next Life

I’m thinking that in my next life, I’ll be some big important-type executive who can whore around to the pimping board members of a large corporation.  You know the type I’m speaking of.  Those who hire people like me for unrealistic amounts of money so […]

Super Tuesday Memeover

Comment Urge = Click on Post Title So what is one to do on the day after Super Tuesday besides lay in bed in a post primary stupor, suffering from delayed talking head syndrome. Flipping back and forth between CNN and MSNBC, listening to all […]


  Ahhh…it’s Wednesday. And for me, that means tomorrow is Friday. Thursday is my Friday. I shouldn’t look forward to it the way I do because it inevitably leaves me with the feeling that life is stuck in one of those giant revolving doors that […]

Parts is Parts

What does it say about me when I can admit that I spent most of my morning at work putting labels and stickers on file folders in preparation for this next year of business and L.O.V.E.D. it? CONTROL. The woman craves CONTROL. (insert wicked and […]

Once upon a time, the customer used to be right.

Ahhh…what a difference a day makes; it allows the nut inside to cool down a bit so stock can be taken of what matters. Friday dawned as one should when there’s no work and no carpool duty. I got to enjoy my coffee instead of […]

What to do on a Friday. Or not.

Since I officially have a J.O.B. now, I get to brag that I get Fridays off. And since I only work four hours a day the other four weekdays, clearly I’m not taxed here. Actually, I knew that it would be just enough time to […]

Skip Bil-ary: I’m the man for the job.

It’s official. I’ve decided I have the qualifications to become a candidate for President of the U.S.A. What do you think? You Are 5: The Investigator You’re independent – and a logical analytical thinker. You love learning and ideas… and know things no one else […]

To Whom it May Concern

Dorothy, are we in Kansas yet? I don’t know what day in NaBloPoMo I’m in, but have already figured out that it’s a gonna be a long haul… November 6, 2007 To Whom it May Concern: There isn’t one special person I’d like to address […]

Dear Walmart…

My journey as a NaBloPoMo-Ho continues into its second day… November 2, 2007 Dear Retailers (and in particular, Big Box Retailers, but specifically, Walmart): It has been noted that you have begun to show concern with respect to your sales projections for the upcoming holiday […]